Monday, 23 January 2017

A Luxury Wedding Made for TV!

On August 12th, 2016, Rollacoaster performed for a very special event.  It was a wedding that was being filmed as part of a television programme for Channel 4, so not everything was typical of a wedding as you might imagine!

The venue was The Sheene Mill in Cambridgeshire, and this wasn't the first time Rollacoaster had performed here - indeed this is a venue the band is very familiar with.  There was however a difference with this particular wedding - everything was more decadent, more impressive than before, and it was a significant event due to the extra hustle and bustle going on.

Exotic cars graced the car park, and these were juxtaposed against vans full of equipment for television crew!  There was a helicopter to transport the groom and best men, stunning gardens with a large pond flecked with ducks and swans.

The inside of the venue was exquisitely decorated, with entertainment, food, drinks and memories made at every turn.  It was packed with excitement, and the guests were clearly enjoying themselves!

Rollacoaster took to the stage once the wedding breakfast had concluded, and one of the first dances was 'Wonderful Tonight', which featured the Father-of-the-Bride singing to his daughter with the band.  He soon joined her on the dance floor for a very poignant and special dance, during which they were joined by other guests.

The band had the floor packed from start to finish - this is our job after all! - and we kept the hits going!

One of the most special things about the day was that the couple also own the venue, which has been part of the bride's life for a long time as her parents once ran the business too!  This was a very special occasion, and one we won't forget in a hurry.

Find out more about this stunning event here on the Sheene Mill blog, and in To Have and To Hold, the national wedding magazine!

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